HackMaster – White Palette, Ivory Horns (PDF)


HackMaster – White Pallette, Ivory Horns (PDF)

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“The call of excitement and adventure is silent. Four days past, a great storm forced you and your companions into this small village, and turned the roads into boot-gripping muck. Now, you sit in a dimly lit tavern, hoping that the muddy roads will soon dry and let you escape this utter boredom. Suddenly, a shabbily-dressed figure enters the tavern. His eyes dart around the room, then alight upon you. He walks over to you and speaks…”White Palette, Ivory Horns is a free PDF adventure for the HackMaster RPG! A classic adventure in the old-school tradition, White Palette, Ivory Horns takes place in and around the village of Vew, on the edge of the untamed Legasa Peaks, and features a variety of combats and challenges designed for three to five 1st level characters.If you intend to play this adventure, keep your grubby little hands off! Resist the (no doubt considerable) temptation to download and wait for your GameMaster to present this adventure to your group. Otherwise, you’ll be sorry! Sure, knowing the story in advance gives you a huge advantage (it’s called ‘cheating’, by the way), but it also ruins the excitement and anticipation you’d otherwise experience.

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