HackMaster – Wrath of the Vohven (PDF)


HackMaster – Wrath of the Vohven (PDF)

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Wrath of the Vohven is a multi-part adventure set in the southern island continent of Svimohzia. Sponsored by the Jade Lion Trading Company, the players have the opportunity to engage in a variety of adventures – some of considerable extent – as they explore the vast jungle spanning the Izhoven river basin. Along their journey they will encounter several heretofore unknown monsters as they make their way to a final confrontation with a rogue agent of the company who has quite possibly gone mad.Designed for novice characters advancing to fifth level over the course of the adventure.Even after the adventure has been completed, here’s some bonus features that make this a handy addition to your reference library:• Six new monsters• Valuable background information on central Svimohzia and the City of Emosvom• Contains 33 pages of Monster Combat Cards to facilitate melee encounters with the extreme number of dangerous opponents that lie in wait for the players

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