Living Kingdoms of Kalamar – Pekal Gazetteer (PDF)


Kingdoms of Kalamar – Pekal Gazetteer (PDF)

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WELCOME TO PEKAL. WATCH YOUR BACK.A great supplement for Players and GameMasters alike, the Pekal Gazetteer includes expanded information on the nation of Pekal. Yes, from the powerful College of Magic to the war with the Kingdom of Tokis, Pekal is in the midst of it all. Explore the capital city of Bet Rogala, but keep your wits about you. The realm’s long-running intrigues of the various secular, political, subversive, magic and religious organizations may provide friends… or foes.Aside from the detail on the local politics of Pekal, its people, and eleven new organizations, this book includes two adventures, a map of the realm (showing all cities, towns and political districts), encounter tables for all geographical areas, the legal code the College of Magic Code of Conduct, and much, much more!In addition, the Pekal Gazetteer includes character creation guidelines (v3.0) for Living Kalamar™ campaigns, and so is ideal for learning about RPGA member-driven organized play, or for independent home use. Check it out!This PDF version includes a two page appendix with v3.5 update information.

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