HackMaster – Frandor’s Keep (PDF)


HackMaster – Frandor’s Keep (PDF)

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Holding its lonely vigil high in the rocky hinterlands, on the furthest reaches of civilization, sits the military outpost known as Frandor’s Keep. Perhaps you come to the Keep as soldier, merchant, bounty hunter or wanderer, or merely to seek payment for a debt owed (continuing the adventure begun in White Palette, Ivory Horns). No matter, for you are here now, in a wilderness teeming with strange creatures and fraught with danger — the perfect forge for you to hammer your career upon.Yes, this hefty tome is more than a simple adventure. It is an adventure setting that unlocks a portal to the Kingdoms of Kalamar – a gritty, dynamic land where complex political alliances mix with marauding bands of humanoids, and medieval technology and culture come face to face with magic and the fantastic.FRANDOR’S KEEP contains all the information you need to play a HackMaster Basic campaign in this setting, including:160 pages of useful information, NPC profiles and portraits, maps, artwork, random and planned adventure opportunities, and moreEnough adventure opportunities of every type (city, wilderness and dungeon) to raise characters from 1st to 5th levelComplete information on Frandor’s Keep, including details on every building and notable NPC personalityOver 100 pieces of rumors and information designed to make the Keep come alive as NPCs move about, interact and inadvertently provide tips to players clever enough to pay attentionThorough details on the surrounding area and its inhabitants, including every waystation, watch tower and the lawless Quarrytown. (The adventure In the Realm of the Elm King is situated along the southern edge of this area and offers additional detail.)An entire appendix of new rules, including equipment, disease, quirks, flaws, poison, and a new monsterA comprehensive overview of Frandor’s history and how the Great Exploratory Boom of years past made it what it is today

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