HackMaster – Isle of Red (PDF)


HackMaster – Isle of Red (PDF)

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Heroes are not born — they are forged by being tested!On the Isle of Red, you will delve into underground tunnels! Bushwhack through dense jungle! Roam herd-covered plains! Scale a rocky mountain! Maybe even dive the depths of the ocean!Your players will face many challenges as they are compelled to complete four trials and earn their way free of the island. Exploration, diplomacy, puzzle solving, and combat will all be important if they want to survive.The Isle of Red is a HackMaster role-playing game adventure that is designed for 6-8 Player Characters who have achieved level 8-10.This book was the winning entry in our HackMaster Adventure Design Contest and used as the HackMaster Challenge adventure at Gencon 2019.It is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for both the GameMaster and Players. The GameMaster should have the HackMaster Core Sourcebooks to run this adventure.

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