HackMaster – Moor’s Caw (PDF)


HackMaster – Moor’s Caw (PDF)

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While the PCs are enjoying an evening meal of fried potato cakes and cabbage and carrot salad… The door bursts open and a burly man covered with blood and grime stumbles in. He shouts for ale refusing to talk about anything else until he gets something to drink.After he has drunk deeply from his tankard he relates his tale.“They came out of nowhere. Giants, strong as 10 men. We didn’t even hear them coming in the storm. They just tore down the tent and started grabbing men from their bunks. Dragged them off into the night they did. I can still hear the screams, the sound of bones cracking. I crawled out of my bunk and ran. Something hit me hard in the head and I fell but I got up and kept running. Someone’s gotta go help. They are dying, screaming. Please, someone hasta help.”A scenario for a band of 8th to 11th level explorers11 (very dense) pages plus cover

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