HackMaster – Shadow Over Tiwidu


HackMaster – Shadow Over Tiwidu

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Strange things are stirring in the hills and jealous eyes have turned towards the village of Tiwidu. In Shadow Over Tiwidu, a chance meeting leads players down into a world of blood feuds, deceit, and the tireless pursuit of vengeance all set against the backdrop of a massive multi-level dungeon. The tough choices players make in this adventure not only mean the difference between life and death, but also directly impact the future of Tiwidu. Players will have to use cunning as well as brawn if they hope to lift the shadow from Tiwidu—but just what that shadow is remains to be seen…This adventure is set in and around Tiwidu, as documented in Tiwidu: Village on the Verge and is designed for a group of 1st to 2nd level adventurers. It directly follows up on events in Strangers on the Trail.67 pagesThis adventure contains a Virtual Tabletop extras pack with 12 unlabled maps for use on Roll20 and tokens for all monsters in the adventure.

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