HackMaster – The Brindonwood Syndrome


HackMaster – The Brindonwood Syndrome

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People are dying and no one knows how to stop it. Every day more cadavers are burned in Lovoridu as a mysterious illness holds the town in its pestilent grip. In The Brindonwood Syndrome, players will have their work cut out for them as they probe the origins of the inscrutable sickness while trying to avoid infection themselves. In their search for a cure, PCs will have to dredge up painful memories in a town that would rather forget the sins of its past. These investigations will lead the party down a path directly into the festering heart of darkness beating in the Brindonwood.This scenario is designed to challenge a group of four to six players with characters that are 5th to 7th level. Atypically powerful or numerous adventuring parties of lesser experience should be able to surmount the obstacles posed herein — this is a judgment call you as GameMaster must make before setting your players out on this mission.The adventure takes place in the Brindonwood, south of Shyta-na-Dobyo, in the village of Lovoridu. Social interaction, investigative work and hard fighting are all required providing opportunities for many classes to employ their abilities to contribute to accomplishing the end goal.This adventure will take several gaming sessions to complete. Competent players should advance a level at its successful conclusion.45 pages plus coverThis adventure also contains a Virtual Tabletop extras pack with 4 unlabled maps for use on Roll20 and tokens for all monsters in the adventure.

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