HackMaster – The Mysterious Shrine (PDF)


HackMaster – The Mysterious Shrine (PDF)

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On a high rocky shelf sits a mysterious shrine – a 10-foot-tall unhewn stone covered in strange markings and bestowed with offerings of bone, horn and flesh. The tales of those who discovered it soon drew the curious, many of whom claim that new markings on the stone and new offerings appear when no one is present. The Keep Prefect ordered the shrine destroyed. But has it returned?The Mysterious Shrine is a free PDF adventure expanding on the many opportunities already present in the Frandor’s Keep supplement for the HackMaster RPG!If you intend to play this adventure opportunity, resist the (no doubt considerable) temptation to download and wait for your GameMaster to present this bonus encounter to your group. Otherwise, you’ll be sorry! Sure, knowing the secret in advance gives you a huge advantage (it’s called ‘cheating’, by the way), but it also ruins the excitement and anticipation you’d otherwise experience.

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