Kingdoms of Kalamar – Player Character Record Book (PDF)


Kingdoms of Kalamar – Player Character Record Book (PDF)

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Don’t waste your time with those dinky one-page character sheets – pick up a copy of the Kingdoms of Kalamar Player Character Record Book instead!This compact 33-page PDF (designed for compatibility with D&D v3.0) gives you a sheet for everything you need, no matter what type of character you’re playing, with space for all the information on your character, all your treasure and magic items, a complete spell log and adventure log and much more!This book’s six full 4-page character sheets can hold most entire parties, or your different characters for several campaigns!Of course, not every character is the same, so several class-specific pages allow you to efficiently store characters of different classes in one volume. The eight class-specific pages in the middle, along with a page for otherwise unclassified notes, allow you to keep track of a variety of PCs (or one PC with several classes) without needing more than this one record. There are 3 pages for major spellcasters such as wizards and sorcerers, 2 pages for minor spellcasters such as rangers and paladins as well as psionics and basic cleric abilities, 2 pages for companions/familiars/or cohorts and 1 adventure log.And remember, the Player Character Record Book is usable not just for the Kingdoms of Kalamar, but for any medieval fantasy campaign!

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